Community Connection Consulting provides professional development, keynotes and consulting services to assist organizations and individuals to engage in authentic outcomes-based dialogue about race, equal justice, equity, social/economic opportunity and the development of “Life Mastery” skills. Our philosophy is to imagine monumental success for your organization, and then assist you in pursuing it. Our training sessions inform how to create, adopt and cultivate successful sustainable strategies that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in your personal, professional and community environments.

Organizational Consulting Areas of Expertise-

  • Keynote / Motivational Speaker
  • Retreat/Meeting Facilitation
  • Team Building/Development
  • Diversity Consultation
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Process Improvement Facilitation
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation

Topics of Expertise-

Diversity & Inclusion – Effective Communication – Strategic Planning – Leadership Development – Employee Engagement – Retention – Policies & Procedures – Board Development – Community Relations – Community Outreach – Ethics – Work & Life Balance 


Our Services

Keynote Speaker:

  •  Present keynote address tailored to your audience


  •  Needs assessment to make recommendations to respond to difficult situations
  •  Evaluate the culture of your organization, including observations and  interviews to identify next steps
  •  Meet with organization leaders to examine and/or create long term plans for greater cultural competence
  •  Work one-on-one with struggling staff


  •  Design diversity workshops to meet your needs
  •  Moderate panel discussions
  •  Work with large or small groups to find culturally responsive solutions to issues
  •  Engage staff in dialogue to identify and address oppression

“I attended social justice programs instructed by Greg Taylor of Community Connection Consulting, and found the detailed information he provided useful in my work place right away. I appreciated how he created a safe space to ask those awkward questions society teaches us are taboo, when in actuality those questions are at the heart of what it means to become an educated citizen. I would recommend his workshops to anyone who is interested in social change for equity.”


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