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The Application of Principled Leadership: 

During Divisive & Turbulent Times



Leadership determines the place, position, policy and practice across all sectors. There is violence
in “white silence” that tacitly flows with racial implicit and explicit bias through all of its
expressions in employment, education, housing, healthcare, criminal justice and economic opportunity
that minimizes expectations from those who cry out for a level playing field through diversity,
equity, and inclusion that can only be realized where there is principled authentic leadership. There
is an organizational axiom, “the minimum expected becomes the maximum achieved.” Principled leaders think in terms of setting higher expectations.

Today more than ever we are in need of principled leadership in our personal, professional and social
environments. People who are unafraid to face criticism when making tough decisions that produce fair and equitable outcomes across sectors. Those who lead by principle do what is right only because it is right, for right and just reasons. They do not consult political correctness on the eve of important
decisions, quite the contrary, they are fully accountable and willing to stand alone if necessary, not
holding a finger in the breeze in order to figure which way to go, they simply make the tough call even
in the face of unjust pushback and resistance.

Everything rises and falls on the hand and helm of some form or aberration of leadership. And we are all leaders on some level. Someone is always listening to our words and observing our actions to determine if we walk the talk. Who do you view as a mentor and take cues from and why? Who are the bold and courageous leaders that influence, inspire and move you into action for just causes?

This workshop is for those who understand the connection between racial bias, power, privilege,
and position that has created and cultivated a mind-bending narrative that has produced the
absence of principled leaders among our midst, across all sectors. We need leaders with the courage
to challenge status-quo policies, practices, and patterns that continue to promote and foster
inequity and oppression, and to support actions that promote equity, inclusions & justice.

In this workshop participants will…

  • Deepen their understanding of the historical narrative that has been contextualized by a post-genocidal nation founded on exclusion and racial difference.
  • Challenge participants to take the personal inventory of their leadership profile and the present and potential impact they have on promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Broaden their understanding and comprehension to readily identify the key characteristics of authentic principled leadership, and how to effectively practice it in all environments.

Facilitated by Greg Taylor



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