“On behalf of Clackamas County, I want to thank Greg Taylor for the outstanding training he provided our management teams and their employees during the training day titled “A Day with Greg Taylor.” Mr. Taylor demonstrated a keen ability to translate concepts regarding Implicit Bias in ways training participants understand and can apply practically when carrying out the work of Clackamas County. Our managers and employees found his content material regarding Implicit Bias relevant, insightful, and well sourced. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We look forward to bringing Mr. Taylor back to Clackamas County to present further training in other equity, diversity and inclusion areas.”

Emmett Wheatfall,  Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion County Administration, Clackamas County, Oregon

“Greg’s clear genuine forthright presence & participation enable the participants to receive potentially difficult realities in a safe non-confrontational environment. The workshop is personally and professionally invaluable”.

Rob Townsend, Executive Director, Northwest Folklife, Seattle, Washington

“Greg’s workshop was well-researched and provided many useful facts and resources.  As promised, it gave me a new lens to apply to this problem.  But most important, it made everyone in the workshop feel safe to share and learn as allies against a common problem; this left me inspired to do more courageous work in the future.”

Lisa Bernhagen – Highline Community College

“Thanks Greg.   I found the presentations offered valuable insight into the challenges facing refugees as they look forward to safety and a new start.   Your insights and observations added weight to the presentations and your passion and commitment to making a difference powered the discussions.”

Alan Painter – Manager, Unincorporated Community Service Area Program, King County

“The exploration of diversity, equity and inclusion is centrally important within government agencies and departments.  Unfortunately, government often lacks the safe environment necessary to have meaningful conversations that can change the organizational culture.  Greg has the confidence, sensitivity, and non-judgmental approach to create the safety necessary for government employees to engage in this conversation with openness and curiosity, not defensiveness.  It is in this space that individual and organizational transformation can occur, working towards a new environment that honors diversity, prioritizes equity, and aspires toward full inclusion.“

Matthew Hartman – Restorative Justice Coordinator,  Clackamas County Juvenile Department – Oregon City, Oregon

“I attended your training at United Way of King County last week and thought it was excellent. You covered interesting and relevant material that had real, practical applications in the workplace. The pace was quick and engaging, and your style and the material were welcoming – I didn’t once feel defensive, and that allowed me to engage deeply with the material. Thanks for bringing this important information to our organization!”
Colleen Laing – United Way King County
“I attended social justice programs instructed by Greg Taylor of Community Connection Consulting, and found the detailed information he provided useful in my work place right away. I appreciated how he created a safe space to ask those awkward questions society teaches us are taboo, when in actuality those questions are at the heart of what it means to become an educated citizen. I would recommend his workshops to anyone who is interested in social change for equity.”
Belinda Chin – Education Program Supervisor, Seattle Parks & Recreation
“Race, Bias and Dissonance is an outstanding, must-experience training for any individual or organization that wants to get serious about walking the talk of racial equity. This interactive training provides a well-structured, highly relaxed and supportive forum in which to identify and examine unconscious beliefs, values, stereotypes and other personal attitudes that undermine our “best intentions” and get in the way of doing authentic and effective social justice work.  Participants walk away with an abundance of practical information and tools, as well as the resolve to strengthen their individual skills and transform their organizations and/or communities”
Yvonne Redding White
Attending Gregory Taylor’s workshop on Immigrant/Refugee Integration was a fantastic networking and learning opportunity.   Welcoming new arrivals is one of the King County Library System’s key focus areas and this session was timely, educational and I received both local and national resources that will help us better serve these populations.
Jo Anderson Caventa, Diversity coordinator – King County Library System


~Workshop Participants~

“Good dynamic presentation style.” He is great – engaging, personal, & I really liked his emphasis on reading, learning & research”.

“Very engaging”

“I wish this workshop was longer”

“Great style, inclusive, personable. Thank You”

“Mr. Taylors presentation skills, openness were perfect. Vast personal knowledge of the subject matter”

“Very engaging, sparked conversation/thought”.


“Excellent speaker. Interesting & easy to stay engaged”

“Entertaining, knowledgeable, skilled”

“I liked his direct & intelligent approach”.

“I enjoyed the style because it felt real”.

“Good dynamic presentation style”.

“He is great – engaging, personal, & I really liked his emphasis on reading, learning & research”.

“Excellent workshop, needed more time”.

“Was refreshing. Very unexpected. Needed”.

“Loved it! Thank You”.

“Greg was incredible – would love to have longer session”.

“He’s awesome”.

“Thank you for keeping it real, opening eyes to the truth for white counterparts”.

“Very engaging & skilled”.

“Greg’s Fantastic”.

“Fanflippintastic. Raw, honest, approachable”.