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Whether you feel challenged by today's shifting demographics and integrative approaches to team building or simply want to educate your organization in the pursuit of improved performance and internal relations, CCC is here to help you. With proven DEI consulting from Principal Consultant Greg Taylor, you can discover a new approach to inclusion and diversity training that prioritizes practical facilitation and an innovative teaching style. Take your organization past the boundaries of differing cultures and create authentic connections with Greg's help.

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About Greg

Greg has 30+ years of experience with individuals and organizations in the business, educational, government, healthcare, nonprofit, as well as criminal justice sectors. He has served in leadership roles such as former City Councilmember, CEO, Chairman for the Chamber of Commerce, and Chairman for a local nonprofit organization. Greg has broad and deep intercultural experience working with people of all cultures globally and is highly skilled in facilitating/moderating difficult discussions that cultivate authentic engagement on race, equity, diversity, and inclusion, through professionally researched trainings designed to challenge the foundations of division, inequity and interrogating status quo. Greg will assist your organization by navigating through and overcoming those difficult challenges, even when you are not aware that they may be holding your team back. Find out how he can help you with diversity workshops today.

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