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Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion aren't just buzzwords. How you integrate them into your organization matters and you want a consultant who can help you make the most of your effort. Greg Taylor and CCC stand ready to deliver proven help for a wide array of industries and sectors. Here's what participants have to say about their experiences with Greg:


"Many of our employees across UW Facilities have taken Mr. Taylor’s course Race, Bias and Dissonance. The UWF Partner Resources team also participated in this course and it was a game-changer for us. Mr. Taylor presents in a direct and to-the-point manner that is both sensitive and credible. The feedback from my staff and others within our large organization was positive and allowed us to make some immediate and necessary changes and also supported us in our long term DEI planning.

Additionally, I have reached out to Mr. Taylor to partner with us and guide us as we navigate racial biases and friction within staff relations. He most recently did a deep dive into one of our organization’s shops. Mr. Taylor displayed a caring and trustworthy approach with staff that allowed leadership to better learn where our DEI weaknesses may be and how to respectfully address them in a path forward. We will continue to partner with Mr. Taylor as we move our DEI needle forward to a more equitable and inclusive workplace."

Patricia L. Colaizzo, MAOM
Director, Partner Resources
Human Resources/Labor Relations/Payroll/Training and Organizational Development
University of Washington, Seattle Campus

"Down through the years I have had the privilege of working with Greg Taylor in a couple of capacities, as a consultant for DEIB related issues and concerns, and as an instructor for DEIB related courses for Professional & Organizational Development. Greg has provided a number of foundational courses for the university community and served on our enterprise wide teaching team for the Race & Equity Initiative. Greg has always received wonderful reviews from students for the candid but caring tone that he strikes in his classes and students find his classes to be loaded with many resources for their future studies and development. I truly believe that it takes a village to provide well rounded training with a multiplicity of voices in the space of diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and access and Greg serves faithfully as a prominent voice in this village.

Greg can be called upon to partner, or advise on various matters and because he remains on the cutting edge, he is always bringing new innovative content to the forefront for us to consider. I count it an absolute pleasure to work alongside of a trusted colleague and dedicated educator such as Mr. Greg Taylor and I hope that we will continue working together for years to come. "

Ujima Sands, M.ED., CPC, NLPP (She/Her/Hers)
Assistant Vice President & Inclusion Strategist
Professional & Organizational Development
Total Talent Management – Human Resources

"In the University of Washington School of Public Health, we dedicate a lot of time to unlearning racism, examining biases, and exposing health disparities. As a recently integrated advancement team with both development and marketing/communications now combined, we wanted to learn more about asset-framing. So much of our work entails sharing stories of our amazing students, faculty, and research in compelling ways, but how do we do so and still move the resource needle without talking about deficits as a way of framing the needs. It requires a deep examination of how our society plants bias in our brains and I can’t recommend Greg’s workshop more. He led our team through an expertly customized Race, Bias, and Dissonance training that focused on asset-framing. Thank you, Greg!"

Elizabeth Van Hoy (She/Her)
Director for Philanthropy, School of Public Health at University of Washington

Hi there Greg,

I wanted to take a moment, acknowledge and say thank you for the insightful POD class yesterday lead by you at UW.  I have begun active discussions with my cohorts over what tools and insight I learned from the course.  I am grateful for your ability to lead the class (very animated and actively) and sharing very direct over key sensitive points in the professional and personal front on lives these days.  I may turn back to you as a resource or advise when I am talking more with my teams and our medical providers that I support.

Thank you once again and sincere regards,

- Chad Mewmaw
UW Medicine Online Referral Team

“You helped us by providing deep context and insight, focusing on recognizing institutionalized racism and how it impacts policymaking, taking the biases out of policymaking decisions and transitioning into Community Centered Policymaking.”

“As I had hoped, you bring a low-key approach, with extraordinarily impactful information to your sessions. You made space for every learner – no matter what they had experienced or been taught up until that point. You made certain there was space to answer our questions and safely process the information we were absorbing. You are very engaging to work with and we all learned something we didn’t know or fully understand before.”

“Thank you for bringing us ideas through what other organizations have done – through communicating differently, acknowledging harms, making actionable pledges to change - and taking action, along with examining policy that prevents residents from the full access and service they deserve from local government. You asked us questions about Tukwila and the government we deliver that weren’t easy to answer. You encouraged us to take an honest look and put into action what is within our reach and more.”

As I said before the retreat, “Your aspect of our retreat is immensely important to help us with a focus on where we are today – examining barriers to Community and racism built into our institutions, systems and biases – and then understanding how to transform (rethink/dismantle/recreate/open up access) that helps us towards policy-making that is more Community Centered… …and moves to the opposite of systemic racism.”

You met those expectations in every way. Thank you for that, Greg.

With regards,

-Kate Kruller
Council President
Tukwila City Council

On behalf of Clackamas County, I want to thank Greg Taylor for the outstanding training he provided our management teams and their employees during the training day titled “A Day with Greg Taylor.” Mr. Taylor demonstrated a keen ability to translate concepts regarding Implicit Bias in ways training participants understand and can apply practically when carrying out the work of Clackamas County. Our managers and employees found his content material regarding Implicit Bias relevant, insightful, and well sourced. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We look forward to bringing Mr. Taylor back to Clackamas County to present further training in other equity, diversity and inclusion areas.

- Emmett Wheatfall,  Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion County Administration, Clackamas County, Oregon

Greg’s clear genuine forthright presence & participation enable the participants to receive potentially difficult realities in a safe non-confrontational environment. The workshop is personally and professionally invaluable.

- Rob Townsend, Executive Director, Northwest Folklife, Seattle, Washington

Greg’s workshop was well-researched and provided many useful facts and resources.  As promised, it gave me a new lens to apply to this problem.  But most important, it made everyone in the workshop feel safe to share and learn as allies against a common problem; this left me inspired to do more courageous work in the future.

- Lisa Bernhagen – Highline Community College

Thanks Greg.   I found the presentations offered valuable insight into the challenges facing refugees as they look forward to safety and a new start.   Your insights and observations added weight to the presentations and your passion and commitment to making a difference powered the discussions.

- Alan Painter – Manager, Unincorporated Community Service Area Program, King County

I attended your training at United Way of King County last week and thought it was excellent. You covered interesting and relevant material that had real, practical applications in the workplace. The pace was quick and engaging, and your style and the material were welcoming – I didn’t once feel defensive, and that allowed me to engage deeply with the material. Thanks for bringing this important information to our organization!

- Colleen Laing – United Way King County

The exploration of diversity, equity and inclusion is centrally important within government agencies and departments.  Unfortunately, government often lacks the safe environment necessary to have meaningful conversations that can change the organizational culture.  Greg has the confidence, sensitivity, and non-judgmental approach to create the safety necessary for government employees to engage in this conversation with openness and curiosity, not defensiveness.  It is in this space that individual and organizational transformation can occur, working towards a new environment that honors diversity, prioritizes equity, and aspires toward full inclusion.

- Matthew Hartman – Restorative Justice Coordinator,  Clackamas County Juvenile Department – Oregon City, Oregon

Attending Gregory Taylor’s workshop on Immigrant/Refugee Integration was a fantastic networking and learning opportunity. Welcoming new arrivals is one of the King County Library System’s key focus areas and this session was timely, educational and I received both local and national resources that will help us better serve these populations.

-Jo Anderson Caventa, Diversity coordinator – King County Library System

I attended social justice programs instructed by Greg Taylor of Community Connection Consulting, and found the detailed information he provided useful in my work place right away. I appreciated how he created a safe space to ask those awkward questions society teaches us are taboo, when in actuality those questions are at the heart of what it means to become an educated citizen. I would recommend his workshops to anyone who is interested in social change for equity.

- Belinda Chin – Education Program Supervisor, Seattle Parks & Recreation

Race, Bias and Dissonance is an outstanding, must-experience training for any individual or organization that wants to get serious about walking the talk of racial equity. This interactive training provides a well-structured, highly relaxed and supportive forum in which to identify and examine unconscious beliefs, values, stereotypes and other personal attitudes that undermine our “best intentions” and get in the way of doing authentic and effective social justice work. Participants walk away with an abundance of practical information and tools, as well as the resolve to strengthen their individual skills and transform their organizations and/or communities.

- Yvonne Redding White

Workshop Participants

White Allyship Transformation

“This was a powerful exercise, this call to act was very powerful and compelling. This is an engaging workshop which helps one to see individuals can engage and can make a difference”

“Providing the historical link from past to present. Sharing resources where a person can seek knowledge outside of the mainstream media
I really appreciated the honesty and candor of the presenter”

“Very impactful, and grounded me in my own place as a white person, illuminating where I actually am. Do more action, learn, do, follow up. Very skilled, really appreciated the captions and overall ability to hold a space with intensity without shutting anyone down.”

“I liked hearing Greg’s knowledge and sharing other people of color’s perspectives/advice, and the videos’ sprinkled throughout the presentation. Great job”

“Learn, learn, learn about my own internalized white supremacy and how I can work to dismantle it structurally. Great content, emphatic yet honest.”

“I appreciated the discussions around how to take action and the examples given, also the incorporation of different media and reference of additional learning materials”

“The speakers’ wisdom and enthusiasm, fantastic, a great privilege to be here. I hope this is offered frequently and that many get to access. Thank you for your expertise and these amazing resources Greg.”

“The slides with definitions were extremely helpful, the suggested readings were great, self-reflection of where I am at in the different groups”

“I learned to focus the change on institutions rather than individuals, light bulb moment”

“Thank you. Excellent, thought-provoking training. I really liked the multi-media approach”

“The frank, unapologetic presentation of subject matter – no sugarcoating, historical and current examples of co-conspirators and abolitionist. Would love to have a beer with Greg”

“I liked hearing examples of allyship from the presenter and audience members. Greg was passionate and offered a wealth of resources. Thank you, Greg!”

“Excellent! I felt inspired after”

“I love Greg’s candidness and unapologetic truth in sharing”

“The challenge to think of allies, co-conspirators that we know, made me realize how few there are around me. I liked Mr. Taylor’s up-front manner. He didn’t shy away from anything, thank you!”

“Resources, facts: Books, articles, news clippings and videos”

“I appreciated the call-in method of interacting with the audience, very interactive and engaging”

“Charisma, class and education”

“I really appreciated the style, and diversity of different quotes, videos, and offered plenty of resources”

“I really learned a lot from your workshop”

“Openness, list of numerous resources to further my learning”

“The enthusiasm and knowledge of Greg”

“Amazing training, thank you!”

“Very knowledgeable and dynamic presenter, great!”

Practical Approach To Anti-Racism

“This was undoubtedly the best short POD course I've taken, on par with the old week-long SLP I took many years ago.”

“Greg is an excellent instructor, and he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the course. He provided some concrete strategies for anti-racism work and the discussions were thought-provoking. He provided a thorough reading list with many resources for further learning.”

“Thank you, Greg and POD, for providing the opportunity to take this course! I am already incorporating some of the ideas and strategies I learned into both my personal and professional anti-racism work.”

“Greg's no-frills presentation style and willingness to talk about difficult issues without sugar-coating was refreshing and enlightening. I learned a lot and appreciated his approach to teaching the content, plus it was clear he was very engaged with his own work and that came through well.”

“I loved that it was a no-holds-barred look into the historical development of institutional racism in this country, followed by a deeply introspective survey that helped to surface situations in which we can be more proactively anti-racist in our daily lives.”

“Greg had a wealth of knowledge on the topic and some great insights about how to practice anti-racism in the workplace.”

“I think the speaker/instructor was great and was able to facilitate the group having really honest and raw conversations”

“I thought it was a really strong course. I really enjoyed the various formats Greg used- videos, discussions, small groups, interactive visuals”

“The instructor was wonderful. The content kept me engaged and I learned so much!”

“I found the challenge questions to be quite thought provoking.”

“Challenged the way we think with lots of examples.”

“Frank discussions about hard topics.”

“A lot of new vocabulary to learn.”

“Thank you, Greg.”

Reimagining Racial inclusion

“I believe that the course does an excellent job in presenting the historical background for why we need to discuss the topics of race and inclusion, and it offers a forum for people to discuss what they’ve learned, observed, and hope to take forward from the time in the course.”

“I appreciate Mr. Taylor’s frank approach regarding racism and how to make a difference. The references in the handouts are invaluable.”

“Appreciate Greg Taylor for his steadfast and diligence with this work. For myself, who identifies as BIPOC, I look to leaders such as Greg to continue this work without apology or exhaustion or ease (because this work isn’t easy, nor should it be) Thank you Greg.”

“I think this course is very important. I think that anyone that is trying to understand what they need to do to become more inclusive in their personal, professional, and everyday life can take something from this, Greg is a strong presenter.”

“Straight to the point wake up call about why exclusion occurred and requires effort to create inclusion. Very knowledgeable instructor who used excellent resources and examples.”

“History, data, and perspective, all of which Greg Taylor provided in just the right amounts.”

“I left this class feeling very motivated to contribute to making changes in our society and the world we live in.”

“Informative, constructive, direct, and thought provoking and invoking.”

“Amazing class, amazing instructor, wish it had been a bit longer.”

“Greg is one of the best instructors in my experience in POD courses.”

“Greg’s passion is evident and contagious.”

“The knowledge and information shared by the instructor.”

“Thank you for talking hard topics!!!”

Recognizing & Interrupting Implicit Biases & Micro-aggression

“I enjoyed the very plain talk about the reality of racism, bias in our culture, rather than trying to be diplomatic”

“Nice conversational style and facility talking about sensitive and uncomfortable topics”


“The workshop, provided me a better understanding of micro aggressions, and how to recognize them in myself and others”

“I am a very visual learner; the graphics and videos were very impactful for me.”


“Greg is the best”

“Fantastic and brilliant”


“I like his style, frank, blunt, and called it out. Holding up a mirror to the things seen and done.”

“Very open, honest, and genuine person. Eloquent and erudite.”


“Greg Taylor was great at the Northwest Public Employees Diversity Conference, and it was great again today! No bullshit.”

“What I appreciated most about this presentation
was the honesty and authenticity of the content.”


“Excellent, credible, articulate, entertaining, inspiring, great job!” “I found the presenter extremely enjoying, and it was a huge fan of his style.”


“Thank you! I appreciate it, the discussions, and various formats of information.” “Great presenter, very engaging, wonderful sessions.”


Erosion of Empathy: The Cause, Cure, and Cultivation of The Empathy Quotient (EQ)

“The speaker was dynamic. It helped that there was one focus for the workshop. Very dynamic and engaging” “I appreciated the entire workshop and believe that all of it will be applied to my learning”


“Great! Thank you for speaking truth and not staying “polite” with the content of the training. Reflecting on the importance of empathy to reduce the harm of racism and racist violence.” “I enjoyed the examples he presented as well as the quotes. I felt that the way he handled people with different opinions was very professional and exhibited empathy.”


“Humorous and quick witted, great style” “Love Greg Taylor, excellent, unapologetic presenter”


“Great presence; engaging, thought provoking” “Amazing, powerful, honest – Thank You”


“I was at the verge of tears several times – good thing” “Great presenter – like vibe, personality, empowered”


“Keep it real, do not change” “He has a great breadth of knowledge, more time needed”


“Examples of lack of empathy, excellent”

The Application of Principled Leadership: During Divisive & Turbulent Times

“Very knowledgeable. I loved this presentation. Thank you for a job well done and by inspiring me”

“Engaging, energetic awesome. It was like a rapid history of oppression through policy”


“He’s great! I first heard Greg present last year, and it was even better this year”

“He’s very authentic and honest. Entertaining as well as realistic and informative”


“Greg Taylor was on point in skill, style and presentation”

“I think every law enforcement person in America should take one of his seminars”


“Thank you Greg, excellent job, appreciate your knowledge, experience and passion”

“Energetic, knowledgeable, challenges audience in productive ways for growth and learning”


“Amazing presentation, love the style of Greg, very engaging”  

“Very dynamic and passionate, Wonderful”


“Loved his references and materials"

“Brilliant, thank you”


“The presentation and content presented, so engaging, intelligent, informed, inspiring”

“Great presentation. Fabulous”


“Great presentation. Fabulous”

Race Bias & Dissonance: Understanding How they Intersect with Inequity

“I really appreciate Greg’s style. I felt very comfortable speaking up, even when I was confused; Greg helped us work through the issues and increased our awareness of biases”

“Nice variety of materials, activities, deep knowledge on topic, able to clarify and give examples. Making a safe space to talk. Educating me with historical facts, making me do the exercises”


“He’s personable and conversational but still addresses difficult conversations/topics, skillfully guides people into new understanding/insights”

“Truly powerful! Education is power and he is feeding education. Also, representation MATTERS! And seeing someone who looks like me being as powerful as he is, is empowering”


“General content overall very informative. I didn’t know much of anything about the subject matter and walked away very informed and thirsty for more! Awesome, very engaging”

“Enjoyed how he personalized examples, real examples, real stories – all about Truth! Reminding me there are all sorts of biases, religion, gender, not just race”


“I loved this training and really hope that our agency continues to learn more about these “uncomfortable” issues rather than continuing to sweep it under the rug. Thanks for making it happen”

“Engaging and knowledgeable with the right amount of humor to help manage inevitable feelings of discomfort”


The presentation was excellent, active, bold, knowledgeable and very effective communicator/facilitator!”

“Enjoyed the presenting style and energy. Enjoyed the section with research and methods to back it up!”


“Well-rounded, very knowledgeable and prepared…Clear content…Excellent facilitator…Thank You Greg for sharing your expertise”

“This can be a difficult topic – Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Very fluid, knowledgeable style, responds to questions well!”


“It was wonderful, I wish I could have brought my family"

“Amazing, very engaging, informative, I really enjoyed this training”


“This was excellent! Very engaging and thoughtful insights given”

“I really liked his style, it has been different than other presenters we have had”


“He was engaging and authentic, as well as well prepared and knowledgeable’

“Very clear, engaging – Amazing Expert!”


“Excellent, please teach all presenters your ways”

“Engaging, relatable, interesting – Awesome!”


“I enjoyed Greg’s facilitation style, group discussions and activities”

“Excellent knowledge, delivery, pace and cadence”


“Thank you, Greg, for the knowledge you have provided and continue to provide” “Greg was phenomenal. Thank you for sharing your knowledge”

“Excellent presenter, interesting and thought provoking” 

Race Bias & Dissonance: Beyond Awareness onto Concrete/Incongruent Action Steps

“This course combined awareness raising activities with strategy for changing the future. It’s lovely to have something that doesn’t feel like theory plus figure it-out-for-yourself”

“This class was fantastic – Greg is incredibly engaging – this class challenged me in ways I expected and in ways I didn’t expect. I had several ‘a-ha’ moments and I feel very galvanized to continue my journey in learning more about history/race/bias – Thank you so much!”


“Greg is fantastic! The information presented was so interactive to help drive the theme through”

“Highly skilled presentation of extremely emotionally charged/distressing subject-matter”


“Greg is a great and efficient lecturer. He is animated and represents his work very well”

“This course was brilliant! It covered a lot of material that was relevant and powerful. The instructor was enthusiastic and personable”


“Greg is extremely well read and experienced, participants were extremely receptive”

“Loved Greg’s style! I would love to be involved in the ‘Erosion of Empathy” training”


“I felt he did an excellent job. Very balanced an open to other’s opinions"

“Greg is engaging, funny, thoughtful and thought provoking”


“Very engaging and dynamic”

“Great inspiring preasenter”


“Great inspiring preasenter”

“Authentic and relatable”


“Amazing, very, very prepared and knowledgeable. Offered a ton of information that is not offered in our educational system”

“Very personable, engaging, knowledgeable, professional”


“He was amazing”

“I appreciate the speaker’s candor, and his willingness to share his experiences”

Perceptions of Justice: The Separate Realities of the Justice System

“Bring him back with Verna Mayers, Jane Elliott et al – thank you”

“Outstanding! Kept our attention and made great points!”


“Probably one of the best presentations I have ever attended”

“I loved how you took the examples given at spring session and had the audience respond on what action they would take”


“This was much better and more interesting than I anticipated prior to the conference. Presenter was very good and prepared”

“I thought that Mr. Taylor did a great job with a very difficult topic. I appreciate that he related facts in a straightforward manner and did not accuse”


“Thanks – very articulate and actually created comfortable atmosphere for discussion”

“This was wonderful! I appreciated the structure. It was organized and the data was relevant to a larger public issue. Great engagement and interaction with the audience as well”


“Appreciated knowing the story of the presenter, use of many mediums including, discussion, survey, video and presenting data’

“Excellent speaker/communicator”


"Thank you! Great session!” “Powerful, effective”


“Great job!” “Excellent”


“Outstanding” “Wow, important and motivating’


“A difficult job done well”